Frequently Asked Dream Questions

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What dreams are most requested?

Most dream requests fall into five major categories:

Celebrity Dreams
Many children want to meet their favorite television personality, movie star or favorite recording artist. Some children want to meet other role models such as politicians or other public figures.


Fantasy Dreams
Many children dream of what they may aspire to when they grow up including being a fireman, policeman, military officer, model or even a princess for a day.


Shopping Dreams
Some children wish for a special gift that they may have been dreaming about for a long time such as a hot tub, pool, shopping spree, playhouse, computer, big screen TV or a pet.


Sports Dreams
Many boys and girls of all ages want to see their favorite sports team, go to a NASCAR race and meet their favorite sports hero.


Travel Dreams
Dream Trips include, theme parks, visits to other countries and exotic islands, cruises, and popular beach destinations.

Are there income qualifications before a child can receive a dream?

No. Family income is not considered when determining whether a child is eligible for a dream.

Does the family have to pay for the Dream?

No. All dream expenses are paid for through donations, fundraising efforts and in-kind contributions to the Lexington Dream Factory. The Lexington Dream Factory strives to create a memorable dream experience that is as free of stress and concern as possible.

When the dream involves travel, who may accompany the child?

In most instances, those that accompany the child are restricted to immediate family members; the parent(s) or legal guardian(s) and siblings.

Does the family have input in what dream will be granted?

It is important that the dream be that of the child’s and not other family members. For this reason, the child must be able to communicate their dream to the Lexington Dream Factory screening volunteers.

Are there any restrictions on a dream?

The Lexington Dream Factory chapter follows national policies and guidelines for granting a child’s dream. However, it is up to the Lexington Dream Factory to determine their own criteria for granting dreams for chronically ill children. The child’s physical condition also, at times, has a role in determining whether a particular dream will be possible. The treating physician works closely with the Lexington Dream Factory volunteers to determine the best time for a dream to be granted and whether a dream will be safe for the child. If a particular dream cannot be granted due to safety concerns, an alternative dream is normally granted.


The Lexington Dream Factory does not grant dreams for motorized vehicles or weapons of any type.

Are donations to the Lexington Dream Factory tax deductible?

The Lexington Dream Factory is a non-profit organization and so almost 100% of the donations we receive are tax deductible.

Does a child’s condition have to be life-threatening to qualify for a dream?

No. The Lexington Dream Factory is the only dream-granting organization in the United States that grants dreams to children who are also chronically ill. We believe that these children also endure trauma, stress and emotional suffering.

Who can receive a dream?

The mission of the Lexington Dream Factory is to grant dreams to children 3 through 18 who are critically or chronically ill. To be eligible for a dream the illness must be documented and affirmed by a treating physician.

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