About Us

We Grant Dreams To Children With Critical & Severe Chronic Illnesses

Our History

To a seriously ill child, the opportunity to enjoy the simple pleasures of childhood can be the best medicine of all. It may be the inspiration that motivates the child to hang in there through a time of great suffering and burdensome treatments.


The Dream Factory, Inc. was founded in 1980 in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, by Charles Henault. Today, through over 38 chapters nationwide, including the Lexington, Kentucky chapter, the Dream Factory grants dreams to children ages 3-18 who have been diagnosed with critical or chronic illnesses.


The Lexington Chapter of the Dream Factory grants dreams to children in the Lexington, Southern and Eastern Kentucky area. We receive dream requests and the time-frame for granting those dreams are often dictated by physician’s permission and health restraints. In the fiscal year of 2014, our chapter granted 31 dreams, ranging from trips to Disney World, concert tickets and backstage passes, and shopping sprees.

2024 Board Members

Walker Borders
Karen Brooks
Carolyn Brown
Nicki Chailland
Ralph Coldiron
Scott Downing
Dr. Donna Grigsby
Tonya Harrington
Adam Harris

Ashlee Harris
Michael Hostetter
Andrea Hudson
Jennie Hurst
Darrell Ishmael
Kathy Ishmael
Shelby Jones
Jackie Lemieux

Vince Lemieux
Stephanie McKenzie
Beth Mendenhall
Jill Perez
Brian Queen
Brittany Rebholz
Samantha Sewell
Mary-Alicha Weldon

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The Lexington Dream Factory is solely dependent upon fundraising. We host an annual gala in the spring which is made possible by corporate sponsorships.  To learn how you can donate to the Lexington Dream Factory, call (859) 254-9474, e-mail lexington@dreamfactoryinc.org or use our online submission form.

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